UROEXPERT Medical Center


UROEXPERT Medical Center specializes in treatment and prevention in the field of urology.

When we had the task to develop a logo, the client wanted to use classical associations of the first order (kidneys, bladder, etc.) as graphic elements. The client believed that if customers sees such logo they will immediately understand the specialization of the medical center.

After analyzing the current trends in medicine branding, we came to the conclusion that we shouldn’t use such logos and offered the client a solution that differed from the rest.


It is absolutely logical that urology is one of the most intimate spheres of medicine. If a person needs to visit an urologist, one will ask relatives and friends if they know who is the best specialist in the city and who can be trusted in such a delicate matter. A person will not run around the city in search of a sign of an urologist.

This served as a basis for not using classic urological images in the logo.

The medical center is equipped with modern equipment. The specialists of the center have all modern knowledge and skills in urology. Therefore, the logo emphasizes the innovative vector of this medical center.


We also developed forms, folders, business cards in the new style of the medical center.

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