Name Logo Design

Личный бренд

Logo for Dr. Konstantin Militsa, who is involved in bariatrics (surgical treatment of obesity). His professional activities formed the basis for the concept of the logo, where the two letters “i” represent the patient before and after the surgical operation.

Личный бренд

Name logo for the cosmetologist Olga Smirnova.

Since most of her clients are representatives of fair sex, the style and color were selected accordingly. And from the letters of the top and bottom lines we formed a mirror, as a means of convincing a woman in her own beauty and a symbol of femininity – a mirror of Venus.

Личный бренд

Logo for the doctor of urology Eduard Kostenko. It is not difficult to guess that the initials “K” and “E” are encrypted in the logo, forming the contours of the kidney, calyx and ureter.

Logo for nutritionist Antonina Greenwald. Her clients want to return their desired weight and, with it, all the colors of life because of lightness and mobility. Therefore, when creating the logo, vivid color combinations were used.
The letter “a” – symbolizes not only the initial, but also the beginning. The alphabet begins with this letter, the word “orange” and your new life with a weight loss program from Antonina Greenwald.

When ordering his personalized logo, photographer Denis Lyuty indicated that he wanted a very minimalistic logo. It was necessary to place it on photographs. The logo should not draw off too much attention. The logo was created with the use of a font with thin lines and a schematic image of a camera, and it completely satisfied the customer.

Honey is a very tricky thing … Until, as in this case, it has name connection with the manufacturer. Dmitry Biryukov wanted to brand products with his last name, indicating that he is personally responsible for the quality of the product.

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