Medical Center “TopMedical”

Medical Center Logo

Development of a logo and corporate identity for the medical center “TopMedical”, which main activity is diagnosis, treatment and prevention of eye diseases.

логотип медицинского центра

Design concept

When creating the logo concept for “TopMedical”, we used the symbolism and shape of the “Red Crystal” – a new universal sign of the International Committee of the Red Cross, combined with an aim in ophthalmic surgery.

логотип медицинского центра
логотип медицинского центра


Clear demonstration to the client of how his new logo and corporate identity may look on different carriers.

Branded Products Design

Notebooks, pens, letterheads, business cards.

фирменный стиль медицинского центра
St. Nicholas Medical Center
Restyling of UkrNIIoGaz