Logo development, identity, branding – our main profile. We also advertise goods and services, create a positive image in social networks (SMM), create sites and promote them (SEO). We organize online and offline events (conferences, exhibitions, concerts). We create photo and video content for your business. We advise on advertising and design.

разработка логотипа

Volodymyr Shevchenko

Advertiser, designer.

Denys Lyuty

Business partner.
Digital marketer, designer.

Hlib Shypula

Full stack developer.
Web designer.

Alex Bugrov

Full stack developer.
Web designer.

Philip Fedko

2D, 3D designer.
Motion designer.

Daria Kelbas

Content marketer.
Copywriter, journalist.



Our designs help you to solve a number of problems. Our design informs, attracts attention, sets up contact, affects emotions, strengthens or destroys beliefs, participates in the process of choice.



Ordering our advertising, you get a tool that combines science and art. Advertising that we create not only encourages purchase, but also makes you think, inspires, causes admiration, surprise and laughter.



We know that you want to have a favorable difference from your competitors. That’s why we create innovative solutions for you in advertising and design, using methods and sources of making creative ideas.

We and partners

We have one rule: to create a quality product for people we like. We see our customers as partners. And they consider us as a part of their internal marketing team.

Creativity focus

Cooperation is always interesting! And when you’re interested, great ideas come naturally. In the end, we all work on the same goal.


Our ideas help brands:
– to claim on the space for which they are presented;
– to identify and have their own category;
– to become part of a culture.
Our ideas are noticed, discussed and shared.